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Precious Planet Membership

Ambassador of Precious Planet. To make the federation alive and growing, as well as to participate in its projects. On the field, as on the Web.


Become a Member    

- One Membership Card,

- One mail address @precious-planet.org,

- An early visibility on the projects: design, progress and about their feed-back,    

- And a deep will to make things change, to participate in concrete actions, to support and help those who are working on the field to make our ideas real. To be no more a simple spectator but to be involved in the future of this planet.

- A role of ambassador. The mission of Precious Planet begins with a fight of ideas. To help Precious Planet starts with making it known. Spokesmen or technician of information, communication is a domain that requires so many competences. Whatever your skills are, they can likely be used to help Precious Planet messages to be delivered.    

How the membership contribution is used for?    

To be member of Precious Planet is to make the association alive and active and not only contributing to its projects. As members we act in order that Precious Planet becomes an operational platform allowing the donations to be transformed in concrete realizations with a maximum efficiency.





(Photos E.B.)