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Founding Policy

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Founding Policy

Money can be very productive, as it can also be wasted or diverted.
In order to guarantee a fair use of the donators’ money, Precious Planet has set up a financing charter for transparency and efficiency, that is presented belowi.

Precious Planet’s willingness is to bring a maximum efficiency to the financing of each of its field projects.
In order to reach that target, we make an engagement on three points :

Funding is based on forecasted detailed budget
Our projects have a global cost, with detailed expenditures. The expenditures have been upstream forecasted, calculated and negotiated in order to be as much as possible realistic and efficient.

Commintement of transparency
Transparency on the destination of the collected funds, as well as on the use and the delay of them
Transparency on the set up then of the run of the projects, as well as on noted returns and benefits.

Respecting each ones roles
Within the efficiency levers in which we believe, there is the respect of each ones roles and motivations. We aim to present and to finance separately Precious Planet’s run costs and supported projects expenditures.

- Donations for projects
Expanses priority is oriented towards field actions.
The choice of the project is made by the donator and should not be modified without his agreement.
The forecasts budgets and the closed budgets will be published by Precious Planet.

- Donations to Precious Planet
They represent a global support to our global activities, as well our projects as our long term actions.
These donations allow Precious Planet to finance its actions and the common equipment used by all the projects.

- Adhesions
Financing sourced through adhesions (contribution) allows the association to face its running costs and to finance some strategic projects.
The subsidies obtained by Precious Planet should be used in the same manner.

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