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Tax Reduction
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Tax Reduction

Precious Planet, as a French registered and non profitable 1901 Federation (according to the 1901 law), grants the donors the benefit of tax reduction.


Precious Planet is federation complying with the French law 1901 regarding non profitable and of general interest organization. Precious Planet objective is the preservation of the environment and is focused on protecting the bio diversity. According to this non profitable mission, the donors paying taxes on the income in France can benefit from the tax reduction as mentioned by the French General Code of the Taxes.

What does the matter be an adhesion or a donation, Precious Planet offers the possibility to get a fiscal certificate (Form Cerfa N° 11580*02) to join to your revenue declaration or to preserve in case of on line declaration.

The scale foreseen by law (Maximum 66% of the gifts amount within the limit of 20% of income taxable, surplus reportable on five years, but not to be combine with other reductions based on the same model), allows for example that 50 Euros invested for Precious Planet only weights as a real expenditure of 17 Euros.

This benefit only applies to people paying the French tax on income. For people subject to tax on income in another country than France, they have to check if donation to a French Charity may open a tax reduction according to their local law and rules.

(Photo A.A.)

(Photo A.A.)