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Misool Eco Resort

(Photo E.B.)


Misool Eco Resort is based on a strong conviction: It must be possible to both satisfy the economical interests of the region, to aid the local people, as well as to answer the curiosity of tourists and to reassure the scientific population.
  • To protect the area by making its qualities known.
  • To help the population live from the environment and tourism.

Batbitim North View (Photo EB)

Snorkling at Mantas Point (Photo AA)
In other words, the idea is to develop, around tourism and diving, a business which is profitable for local people. The project also intends to welcome scientific groups while offering them accommodation and a space to work.
If Raja Ampat is to maintain its pristine beauty, it is imperative to be proactive in the development of the tourist industry. The Department Parawisata, or the local Department of Tourism, has been very receptive to suggestions as to how the industry can be developed responsibly. Along with the local government, they have been eager to develop low impact tourism and understand that the conservation of their environment is essential to the longevity of both the tourist industry and their local communities. Misool Eco Resort has had their full cooperation in securing contracts for land.

Misool Eco Resort is strongly committed to a policy of environmental responsibility. The construction and operation of the resort have been meticulously engineered to minimise our environmental impact.

Misool Eco Resort is currently under development, and aims to open to the public by mid-2008.

icoThe region : Papua Barat
icoThe Conservation Centre : MCC


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