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Papua Barat
(Photo E.B.)

The project run by the Misool Eco Resort is taking place during a key point in the region’s history - Papua Barat, eastern province of Indonesia is becoming more open to development. Despite being totally unknown even a couple of years ago this region could not remain out of the path of progress forever.

What future will it choose? There are many possibilities and many profiteers closely watching.

- Excessive Fishing
Seas surrounding the province are (or almost) untouched and rich from an underwater life which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. But already “fishing factory” boats under command of countries like Japan or Taiwan can be seen on the horizon.

- Forestry development
Vegetation is luxuriant under such a climate and trees here provide very precious wood. But here too, greed is everywhere and the floating factories approach.

- Oil exploitation
Oil reservoirs are already being exploited. Other platforms are actively prospected. At night, their fires illuminate the clouds with a gleam of crimson visible from dozens of miles away.

- Environment Conservation
Cries are rising to draw attention to the unique biological diversity of this area. On earth, and even more underwater, there is formidable richness; an ignored inheritance not yet even researched. Charities, scientists, divers, photographers... all voices demanding an alternative.

Yellu Villlage - Misool (Photo EB)

The only thing we can be certain of is that Papua Barat will not remain a forgotten area. Its isolation decreases daily and is no longer sufficient to guarantee its preservation. And without its isolation protection, the Papua Barat's jewels become vulnerable.
This province has, and will, develop to offer more comfort, wealth and quality of life to its inhabitants. It must take its place in the nation and in the evolving world.


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