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Sharks bloody massacre…

The Raja Ampat archipelago, as preserved it may be, is neither sheltered nor saved by the modern predators that we are.The egoistic and blind pleasure of a small number of people exacerbating the poorest people appetites, permits to keep on the most terrible exactions against animal populations.
Sharks, already hunted and massacred in every seas on the globe surface with many species now extinguished at 80%, are once more the victims of our eagerness. Is it worth a soup bowl?

Movies and pictures shot in the South-Eeast of Misool
by Shawn Heinrichs and Justin Erbert
accompanying by Andrew Miners
December 2006


Shark Finner at work (Photo J.E.)

Protected area, but area to protect


icoAt the very heart of a protected area

Alive mutilated off their fins , then thrown back to the sea failing to death, corpses strewing paradise sea bottoms are those of young sharks, too young sharks ! The last remaining sharks ! For sure shark fins soup consumers are not implicated in this disgusting duty. They prefer hiring, for a handle of dollars, indigenes unaware of the consequences and whose would be the first to cry for their devastated eco-systems.

Pictures opposite have been taken in the South-East of Misool. These pictures are all the more painful as they concern a No Take Zone granted to the Misool Eco Resort by the local populations as a counterpart to jobs and returns out of the building works on Batbitim and further economic feed-backs out of the run of the Resort..

icoPark Rangers Patrol

The sea is wide and populations sparse in a such insulated area in the world. We need voices to make people acknowledge than respect the signed agreements.
Precious Planet’s aim is to finance a team of Park Rangers hired within the local population. These rangers will not only be in charge of the enforcement of the No Take Zone but also the pioneers of a long term mission for prevention and protection of the endangered species of the area.

Want to know more and to help us to finance Park Rangers’ boat, wages and training :

  Click here to support the Park Rangers initiative 


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Shawn Heinrichs’ website with the entire video and Justin’s and co pictures


The report of the encounters with the Shark finners by Andrew Miners on Misool Eco Resort’s website


Shawn Heinrichs’ comprehensive report in Scuba Diving Magazine.