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Precious Planet
Whatever our background or religion we are all united by life on the same and unique planet, a planet to which we owe our very existence.

Our planet is the creator of and developer of life. It creates a fantastic richness which deserves to be paid more attention. Although life is strong this richness will not last forever. Human kind can no longer live beyond its limits, destroying vast areas of nature’s wealth.

The injuries we have caused are already visible. We are destroying the very essence of our planet and the evidence of the rubbish we create is apparent on each changing tide. We have been acting like children, yet we must not allow ourselves to become boisterous teenagers acting without thought to the sometimes irreparable damage caused by our actions.

We believe this situation can be changed. As long as life and diversity can survive on the Planet, we could help the recovery process. It is the aim of Precious Planet to preserve this chance.
We are lucky. Hidden in remote areas there are still small parcels of earth and sea where nature’s diversity remains complete; let’s preserve these cradles for life. We will need them. From these unique reservoirs of life we can re-learn the laws of nature. They are the cradles which will give birth to new life, our insurance for the future and our planetary heritage.
It is on these foundation points that life will be able to move forward again; to re-grow and to rebuild. It is these areas that will save the planet... and us.

Let’s cultivate life.


(Photo A.A.)  

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