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Project #1
Icone Precious Planet Park Rangers


The aim of this project is to set up a Park Ranger patrol to protect the marine area around the island of Batbitim. 

Phase 1: Setup and First Year

Status: Funding

Objectives and Finances
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(Photo E.B.)

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Hiring, training and managing 2 « Park Rangers » for the following missions :

Enforcement of the No Take Zone
  1. Education of local fishermen
  2. Monitoring and informing fishing boats cruising next to the Marine Park
  3. Watching turtle nesting beaches
  4. Reports of obvious offences of fishing : taking pictures , GPS positioning, names of the boat and of the crew
  5. Regular transmission of monitoring reports to the proper authorities
To set up an information data base in order to identify the fundamental parameters of the Marine Park eco-system
  1. Photos data base
  2. First level of qualification then monitoring of coral reefs (using« Coral Watch » methodology, based on a chromatic analysis)
  3. Identifying, protecting and collecting data from turtle nesting beaches (main parameters impacting eggs laying)
  4. Modelling the oceanic parameters : currents, temperature, tides
    • Daily visual monitoring
    • Set up of underwater sensors
  5. Follow up and recording of the parameters measured by Batbitim weather station (Precious Planet project # 2)
Accommodating and providing logistics support to scientists and researchers coming to the area
  1. Accommodation
  2. Knowledge transfer about fundamental parameters of the eco-systems (see above)
  3. General mission of “enablers”
Other mission
  1. Regular beach cleaning
  2. Interfacing with the local populations
Deadline: ASAP
ROI: immediate to middle term (12 months for the first step).

Budget (Euro):
icoStarting costs and operating costs Year 1
Starting costs 2200 €
Annual operating costs 4000 €
Total budget for year 1 6200 €
Detailed budget

Click here for detailed budgets (starting and operating expenses)