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Project #1 - Detailed Budget
Detailed objectives and financial forecasts

Year 1 budget

In order to allow a quick and progressive set up, the first step deals with the training and the set up of a limited team of 2 Park Rangers. A big part of the logistics (management, side expenses, boats, …) will be supported by MCC and MER.

ico Set up costs (Euro)
Expenses Amount Comments
Underwater sensors with connectors 150 Pressure and temperature sensors enabling historical data
2 talkie-walkie sets 600 Keeping a permanent link with the base on Batbitim
2 park rangers uniforms 50 Objective : reinforce the Marine Park credibility and authority
2 snorkelling set (fins, masks and snorkels) 100  
1 digital camera 300  
1 marine binocular 300  
1 light camping set 200 Equipment from short camping on distant islands
Training of the park rangers by reputed NGO (the WWF or the CI, or TNC) 500 Accommodation and travel expenses
Associations based in Bali
Free training offered by the NGO
Total 2 200 € Expenses exclusively dedicated to the set up

Regarding the first contacts with have initiated locally, there is no trouble recruiting rangers both trained and competent in the following fields : species identification, scuba diving, motor boat mechanics , …
The Park Rangers, thanks to their flexible capacity of intervention would be able to operate quickly and to proceed to controls or long term measurements.They would represent a vital force for the Conservation Center and would actively boost numerous missions.

icoAnnual operating costs (Euro)
Expenses Amount Comments
Wages 3 000 Annual wages for 2 park rangers recruited within the surrounding villages
Accommodation expenses 1 000 Participation to expensesPark-rangers will be accommodated at Misool Eco Resort
Management and follow up 0 Taken in charge by Misool Conservation Center permanents
Total 4 000 € Annual operating costs

In a very near future, the Park Ranger team will be strengthened (number of rangers and more dedicated means). The financing of a permanent boat must be planed. The budgeting of the acquisition of a boat is currently under estimation by Precious Planet.

Speed Boat acquisition Project  

(Photo J.E.)