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Projects #3
Icone Precious Planet Reef regeneration


This project is designed to regenerate damaged coral reefs by installing artificial reef modules (Reef Balls™).

Step 1: Set of a pilot site

Status: Funding

Main phases of the reef regeneration process

To buy a kit made up of “moulds” and set up a pilot site for regeneration.  This pilot site will be used as an efficient support for for the education of children in the surrounding villages.

Starting: as soon as possible

Expected ROI: short to medium term (24 months for step 1).

Description and objectives

The aim of this project is two-fold :
- To efficiently recreate coral eco-systems in order to preserve biodiversity
- To stimulate awareness of the local population (with children a priority) as to the urgency of coral reef protection.

The main advantage of this project is its strong potential leverage effect, despite a limited starting budget (buying of moulds kit and associated materials, see detail above).

Indeed, for the further steps (other regeneration sites), only expenses related to building materials (cement, gravel etc) and manpower will be incurred. This will allow a rapid and cost efficient extension of the project.

The pilot project will proceed in 5 major steps:

Step 1 : Preliminary work
Step 2 : Set up of the building site on Batbitim Island
Step 3 : Launching party and ADAT ceremony
Step 4 : Set up of the pilot site
Step 5 : Monitoring of eco-system growth
(Photo E.B.)

(Photo A.A

(Photo A.A.)

Total budget for the pilot site 17 000 euros
Budget for further sites Materials : 3 500 euros
Manpower :2 300 euros
 Detailed Budget