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Project #4
Icone Precious Planet Speed Boat


To provide the Park Rangers with the autonomy needed to achieve their protective aims, and the support of scientific research.

Phase 1: Acquisition and first Year

Status: Funding

Objective Image
(Photo E.B.)

(Photo E.B.)
The acquisition of a speed boat for the Park Rangers.

A dedicated boat
Even if the use of a boat is granted by the Misool Eco Resort that makes it possible for the Park Rangers to start up its activities, they will still have to quickly become autonomous to match their increasing tasks, either for supervision patrols or the collection of information.

Long Boat or Plastic Shell?
One of the most commonly used boats in Papua is the "Long Boat" model.  Directly shaped from a big tree trunk, its advantages are that it is fast and cheap. On the other hand its long form makes it unstable, which can be a serious issue depending its usage.
The alternative is a plastic shell boat.  Wider and lighter, it remains fast while being more solid and adaptable to various loads.
More expensive to purchase it is also has higher more fuel consumption.

Engine and equipment
The most often used model in the area is the Yamaha 40 ch, to the very point than even bigger boats prefer to use them in parallel rather than opt for a more powerful engine. This means that spare parts and mechanical expertise for this motor are widely available.
Some ropes, grappins, tools and security equipments must also be included.

Annual running cost
The main annual expense comes from fuel costs whilst maintenance counts for relatively little. Thanks to supervision of the MCC, damage and robbery should be avoided and the investment will be preserved.
Today’s oil price is an international one. This makes the relative cost of fuel difficult to reach for the local population. For local people, fuel really is worth its weight in gold!

(Photo E.B.)

- Availability: Within 6 or 12 months following the setup of the Park Rangers Team
- Setup time: Immediate
- Time for feed back: Visible within a few months with the increase of Park Rangers missions, both in number and diversity 

Budget (Euro): 
icoAcquisition and First Year
"Long Boat" shell
1 200
Yamaha Engine 40
2 000
Equipment 250
Fuel 2 500
Service 150
Total 6 100 €
Add cost for a Plastic Speed Boat  
Plastic Shell Supplement
2 800
Annual Fuel Supplement 
2 500
Additional Total
5 300 €